Flash-Guard is your best Choice

The only system with full instrument set capability for 3-minute minimum flash (gravity displacement) cycles at 270°F. »

Scientific Principles

lash-Guard® is the only container system capable of sterilizing full instrument sets 16 lbs or less of non-porous, non-cannulated instruments at »

Safe Sterilization

Using FLASH-GUARD® properly ensures the safe sterilization of instruments in synchronization with the autoclave, providing a complete flash sterilization and transportation system. »

Let Flash-Guard Make Your Job Easier!

Large size permits flash sterilization of full instrument sets, e.g. open heart, ophthalmic, orthopedic, etc. »



We use all sizes of the Flash-Guard® containers and have been very satisfied with them. With Flash-Guard® we don’t have to worry about any valves and we don’t have to touch the container after flashing — we just use the handle to pull it onto a transport cart. Flash-Guard® works great for us and the customer service at Sparco has been excellent. ~ Angelina Meza-Suarez, Assistant Director Cedars Medical Center, Miami, FL